Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bishop Nixon Dingili (The 1st Bishop of FMCK)

Please join us in praising the Lord with the Free Methodist Church of Kenya in her historic step by electing her first Bishop Rev. Nixon A. Dingili. Bishop Dingili has been a pastor in Kericho, South Rift District Supt. and National Supt before the church gave him the responsibility of taking care of the Kenya General Conference. (Picture Left to Right; Rev. Patrick Musigali, Mrs. Susan Akelloh, Pastor Tobias Akelloh, Bishop Nixon Dingili and Rev. Neddy Dingili 9th March 2009)

Bishop Dingili is married to Rev. Neddy Dingili who is the Bible School Director of the Free Methodist Bible School in Kenya and the Lord has blessed them with two beatiful kids Leslie and Keslie.

Be lifting them up before the Lord as this task is not an easy one. May the good Lord grant him wisdom as he takes care of the flock

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