Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Fast Pleasing Unto the Lord

Don Chapman said, "Pray as you can, not as you cannot".

When the Lord joined my family with that of Bob and Karen Rogers in February 2000, nobody knew what was lying ahead in the Ministry that the Lord had called us in. Early this year, Bob Rogers, Pat Palmer and Rev. Nixon Dingili-National Supt of Free-Methodist Church in Kenya visited to see the work of the Lord we are doing in Obunga Estate in Kisumu. I involved the three in praying for the sick, had a house fellowship, shared meals together and had an opportunity to minister to a group of people suffering from HIV/AIDS and had accepted their condition. We visited with them the small farm that the Group cultivates vegetables to supplement their income and also to provide for them meals. The team prayed with us and the Group members in the farm and then they left for the USA.

After much prayers and waiting upon the Lord, I one day got an e-mail from Bob telling me that the Lord was speaking to them on a personal way as a family to help this Group. I did not know what was happening until last week when Rev. Nixon Dingili came to Kisumu and shared with me the blessing that the Lord had given to this Group. It was $,1,000 donation cash to support this Group.

As we continue serving the Lord here in Kisumu, we are really grateful for all that you have done in person and as a group and as a prayer partner. I really thank God for you.

As we continue being partners in this Ministry, please reflect on the words of Isaiah 58:6-12